Creating a best man speech for your brother is quite an important role.

You’ve had quite a special companionship since your birth. It’s much more than a friendship; it’s flesh and blood.

Don’t worry about sweating bullets when you get appointed to this role. Just realize you aren’t getting any sleep until the wedding’s over.

Here are some good tips to help with your best man speech for your brother.


Start with Funny Childhood Stories

A childhood story is an excellent way to break the ice and show a bit of character with your endearing and emotional speech.

You can dwell on a funny event or something quirky your brother did that was a phase. Maybe even a really funny haircut photo that everyone (including your brother) can sit back and laugh at to keep the seriousness down.

This is a great way to open up your speech.

Side note: Make sure you don’t talk about your brother’s ex’s. Stories about past relationships in a wedding always make everything awkward.


Talk About His Growth

We all go through awkward phases in our lives. Tell your guests about his development in a positive manner.

  • Show how he’s become a great man through time and maturity.
  • Talk about how proud you are that your brother grew into the person you see today.
  • Also, it would be good to show how that growth positively influenced your own life.

It’s always great to share sentiments that show you care and love your sibling. Your guests will appreciate the compassion.


Take Your Time

Your audience knows it’s a stressful, happy, and emotional time.

Don’t just breeze through your speech.

Take your time to let it all. Take some seconds between your messages as you’ve rehearsed.

People understand that you’re human and the speech you’re giving is someone you’ve been close to since birth.


Show Major Respect to the Bride

Of course, you have to show love to the bride.

  • Tell her the positive impact she’s had on your brother.
  • Tell her how you’ve seen the growth of these two and why they make a great union.
  • Tell her why you are proud of letting her into the family and why she’s a great addition.

It’s not just about your brother, the groom. It’s an equally special day for your sister-in-law, the bride.


End on a High Note

Make your conclusion brief yet heartfelt. Tell both the bride and groom why their union is special.

Give them a sense of hope and advice.

Say if there are any issues, come to you for an ear to hear. Just give them the encouragement and confidence they need.

Finally, raise your champagne glass and toast to the bride and groom.


Your Thoughts?

With these steps in place and a bit of your own personality, you’ll develop a great best man speech for brother. Take your time and just capture a great moment for your family.

Are these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments below!