So I attended a friend’s wedding this past weekend. The best man, John, is the groom’s older brother (by 2 years). The reception was outdoors at a beautifully decorated garden.

Anyways, after the appetizer was served, John went on and presented his best man speech.

We could all tell that he was a little tipsy from the open bar during the hors d’oeuvre just an hour earlier. But he was well prepared and he had memorized his entire speech.

The presentation was superb and he started out great by making fun of his brother.

“I was born in 1981 and it was a great year. People witnessed the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana; MTV was launched…etc.”

“Year 1982 was also a wonderful year. Many amazing people were born. Just to name a few: Prince Williams, Catherine Middleton, Dwyane Wade, Cobie Smulders, Seth Rogen and so on.”

“And then it came 1983 where things start going downhill – my brother Ben was born.”

This goes on for 3 or 4 minutes and then John made the biggest mistake – he started talking trash about the groom’s ex-girlfriends.

“Ben dated this girl and she was controlling… after a while, he got rid of her.”

“Stephanie was a very demanding girl and Ben did whatever she asked for. I remember this one time… Eventually he dumped her too.”

You get the idea.

This made the whole atmosphere extremely awkward and all of us just couldn’t wait till he gets to the point and finishes his speech.



What do you think? Have you ever encountered an unbearable speech and you just couldn’t wait for it to end? Let me know in the comment below.