Best man wedding toasts are one of the events that the newlyweds look forward to during their special night. As the best man, you are expected to make it unique, special, and memorable (no pressure!).

Well, follow the guidelines below and see if it helps you create your unforgettable speech. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Three Parts to a Best Man Wedding Toast

1. Who Are You

Every best man should start a toast with an introduction, and a brief description of your relationship to the groom. How long have you known each other? You want the guests to feel inspired by your relationship and why the groom chose you.

Example: “Hi, my name is John. For those who don’t know, I am Jack’s favorite brother.”

Simple enough? Let’s move on.

2. Straight from the Soul

Share your distinctive friendship with the groom (and/or the bride). Highlight a few moments from your lives, and typical episodes from your heyday you’ve shared. Keep anecdotes to a minimum but in a nutshell, you want an irresistibly happy ending.

Example: “Guys seldom say what we feel, but my friendship with Mike is a lot deeper than those meatball eating challenges, the football fantasy rivalries and ruthless teasing. In fact, I’ve always looked up to Mike and still do, and his friendship means the world to me.”

You can also tell some stories about how you first met the couple and how you knew they would someday get married. Or you can talk about how you didn’t think they would get married until [some memorable event].

Other things you can say is how you’ve known the groom for so long then tell a little story that sums up with how you knew he would make a good husband.

3. Give Your Approval

Finally, end your speech by giving your thumbs-up, best-friend authority that declares the bride has united with a man worthy of her future.

Example: “I take great pride in saying Congratulations! And I look forward to your many years of undying love and happiness. We all share in wishing you the best that marriage has to offer.”


Things to Watch Out For

Once you brainstormed some ideas and came up with your first draft, review it with the following things in mind.

1. Keep it short and sweet

Do not allow the toast to drag on. The last thing guests would like to do is listen to a long winded story. Keep it reasonably brief (5 to 15 minutes max).

2. Keep the secrets to yourself

guy laughing

You may know the bride and groom personally, but perhaps the guests are not that familiar with every detail of their lives. Never release those private secrets that everyone is not privy of.

No matter how friendly you are with the bride and groom, reliving those chaotic bachelor days of her future husband is not a very good idea. While this may be a hilarious toast in the movies, in real life however, it often does not work very well. The bride and the wedding guests could become uncomfortable if the details become too daring.

3. Keep the content appropriate and rated-PG

You can easily offend everyone at the reception: wedding guests, the parents of the bride and groom, and under-aged children. The last thing you want to do is create a lasting memory telling a crude, rude or “off color” story.


Other Ideas

If you are more adventurous and like to try something other than a traditional speech, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make a speech in a poem or even create a song. This is a unique twist that has become more popular in recent years.
  • Don’t be afraid to involve the parents of the bride and groom and close relatives. For example, you could surprise the bride and groom with a slide show displaying childhood photos. Another idea is to produce a video that displays a time line, from the couples dating period to present.
  • Incorporate pictures taken that morning, as the groom and his party began to prepare for the wedding. Amusing snapshots of a nervous groom trying to flee, or placing shoes on the wrong feet, or any number of situations will memorialize the event.


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, the groom picked you for a reason. So your toast should reflect your friendship and personality. If you are a natural comedian and everyone knows this is one of your traits then utilize it and be funny, but remain respectful.

Undoubtedly, best man wedding toasts are challenging to get the words right. Just be prepared, be sincere and be complementary. While reciting a speech off the top of your head is not a bad idea, by going the extra mile, you can help create wonderful memories and be a resounding success!

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Comments or questions? Let me know below.