There are events that define a man’s life. Getting married is a big one. However, there is one event that some may say is even more important.

I am, of course, talking about the BACHELOR PARTY!

The bachelor party is a celebration of everything that is great about being a single man. It needs to be a time that will live in infamy (assuming it can even be remembered the next day).

It is traditionally the best man’s job to supply the most amazing night of his best friend’s life, and while that may seem like a daunting task you need not worry. Once you pick the location, the rest will fall into place. So read on to learn about the best bachelor party locations and what fun they can be.


New York City

nycA bachelor party needs to be able to go on into the wee hours of the morning which makes “the city that never sleeps” the perfect venue.

The hotels of NYC are notoriously super posh with lots of attractions within walking distance. If you prefer to adventure further than your feet can take you then you are in luck. There are limo companies that cater specifically to bachelor parties.

Let’s re-cap that.

Limo companies that cater specifically to bachelor parties.

That means your driver knows ALL the best spots for a group of rowdy young men.

Dinner shouldn’t be hard to find as there are over 18,000 bars and restaurants in the whole of town. After-dinner entertainment top your list of “must haves” for the party?

Well, what luck. NYC is home to two stops that you will want to make – The Penthouse and Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. Really, what more could you want?


Atlantic City

Atlantic cityWhat if the groom to be is a golfer, a gambler, and a beach bum? Then there is only one place you need to consider.

Atlantic City was on the March 2009 Forbes Traveler list of “Top Ten Golf Cities in America.” There is more in AC than just the pretty greens though.

You also have the chance to win some pretty green at one the almost two dozen casinos. With the drinks flowing and the money from the table filling your pockets, you may be itching to spend a little on watching some exquisite ladies.

Head down to Pacific Avenue and you will find Bare Exposure, the first and only all-nude gentlemen’s club. Round out your night by chilling at one of the beach bars.

Sit on the sand and watch the sun come up as you relive the “best night ever” with your comrades.


Las Vegas

las vegasIf Atlantic City doesn’t have enough casinos, then Las Vegas is where you need to go.

Choose from over 120 different casinos to throw your money at.

The hotels here are no strangers to bachelor parties and many have packages and suites that are specifically for a crazy night with the guys.

While it’s awesome to cruise the strip and check out the awesome places, you could also just stay in a suite the size of your house and delight in the non-stop deliveries of food, alcohol, and women, all provided by your hotel. This would certainly cut out the stumbling back to the wrong hotel room possibility.

girl upside downIf you have to adventure though, Vegas is also home to the bachelor party limos. Let your driver show you were the money flows a little more freely, where the food tastes the best, and were the ladies are the loveliest. These guys will make sure that you return to the correct hotel by the time the night is all said and done.

Getting to the right room is still on you though. Of course, with all the bachelorette parties in town, knocking on the wrong door might not be a bad thing.


New Orleans

Have you ever been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras? Have you ever been when it wasn’t Mardi Gras?

It’s exactly the same, but with way less drunk guys blocking your view of the drunk chicks and no floats in the street.

It’s all the goodness of an absurd, crazy, carefree town without other people taking up your space and soaking up your fun. You will absolutely want to stay in the French Quarter. If you think otherwise, then you don’t need to go at all.

new orleans

The French Quarter Townhouse Suites has rooms to amaze you with private balconies for cat-calling or just chilling while you take in the live jazz music from the street below. Cajun food is all they seem to know in New Orleans so I hope like your food spicy.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and they all have jambalaya. The bar scene in the French Quarter is excellent! You wouldn’t even need to head to a different area for a strip club. They are mixed right in with the regular clubs.

With so much to offer in such a small area, this is definitely a choice that is both classy and trashy at the same time.



chicagoNow, if classy is a must then you can’t go wrong with Chicago.

The windy city has class down to an art form. The swank hotels all have suites fit for kings and all can help you set up a bachelor party for the ages.

A must have for this trip will be a ride from Celeblux Limos. I highly recommend their amazing Rolls Gangsta Stretch Limo in white. Celeblux also offers packages that can get you into the hottest clubs in town and the best gentlemen’s lounges without having to pay the cover charge.

Dress appropriately though. Elegant attire is a requirement for entry.

Between the hotel and Celeblux making your night flow easily, the only thing you need to worry about is food.

Actually, no worrying is needed. You can fuel up in style at one of the many chic restaurants in town. Men will be trying to live up to the swag of your Chicago night for ages to come.


Your thoughts?

Would you like to know more about what to do in these cities for bachelor party? Leave a comment below and I will work up an extended version to describe more in details.